Welcome to the #LittlehoneyFan Awesome customer rewards programme

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Your unique card!

*Terms & Conditions

1) Entitlement of Awesome Customer Rewards Card (ACRC): Every customer who has ordered from

                            Little Honey SG (LH) will receive the ACRC with a unique code tagged to their name.

                            A new ACRC will only be issued after all stamps have been collected and redeemed

2) Unique Code: Every customer is assigned a unique code which LH will be able to track when used

3) Referrals: When customers (referrer) share their unique code with their family/friends (referee), the

                    referee will be entitled to 10% off their order. The referee must state the code received

                    upon placing the order. Only after the order by referee has been completed will the referrer

                    be entitled to the 10% off their next order

4) Collection of Stamps: Initially stamps will be issued to customers based on their order history with LH

                                       and given to them in their next order. With every subsequent order, the

                                       customer will receive one stamp

5) Redeeming of Stamps: a) After collecting 5 stamps, customers will be entitled to receive 10% off their

                                            next order. Picture of the ACRC with the stamps must be shown

                                         b) After collecting 10 stamps, customers will be entitled to receive a jar of

                                            300g Yemeni Sidr Honey for free. Picture of the ACRC with the stamps must

                                            be shown. This free jar can only be redeemed with the customers next order

6) Awesome Customer Discounts (ACD): After a customer has collected 10 stamps, for every

                                                                subsequent order, the customer will be entitled to an ACD as

                                                                well. This ACD is rewarded on the discretion of LH based on

                                                                the number of items ordered

7) Rights: LH reserves the right to cancel and/or not reward the customers ACRC should there be a

                suspicion of foul play.